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MusicManDan Music School

Welcome to MusicManDan Music School! I offer both private lessons and small group lessons here in my North Seattle home. I teach trumpet and piano, focusing on the beginner to advanced player. I also offer a foundation of jazz if that is an interest. There are also small group lessons offered for beginning flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet and trombone. 

Lessons will be taught by Dan Rowe who has 35 years of 5th grade through 12th grade instrumental music teaching experience and 10 years of private lessons.

Private Lessons:

I teach trumpet and piano. Jazz is offered as well if there is an interest. I design the lessons around the specific goals of the student. The rates for lessons are $40 for 40 minute lessons and $60 for an hour lesson. Payment can be flexible as needed. 

Small Beginner Group lessons are offered as a 45 minute lesson for $20 per student. 3-5 students is the size of the groups. 


North Seattle Youth Jazz Combo:

I'm offering an opportunity for beginner to intermediate players to experience playing in a jazz combo. Typically there will be openings for drums, bass, guitar, piano and three to four horns (any combination) that will meet depending on everyone's schedule. This will all be arranged.

Students will learn what it means to play in a small ensemble. Instruction will be given in all aspects of jazz performance. There will be opportunities for this group to perform in public.

The combo group will meet once a week for one and a half hours. The fee will be $15 per student per session.

To sign-up or to find further information text me at 206-851-6141.

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